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Value Added Applications

Make the Most out of Your Verifone Device

Value Added Applications

In addition to the standard Payment Application that runs in Verifone terminals, there is a range of additional applications available that provided value added functionality to the use of a Verifone Terminal. These software applications provide value added functionality to merchants, including foreign currency support, the ability to accept fuel cards or sell various electronically distributed pre-pay products.

Analysed Purchase

Analysed purchase applications allow merchants to support fuel cards and offer more payment options to their customers. During the transaction, additional information is captured by the payment application, allowing the operator to properly assign the products to be charged to the card. Learn more Learn More


The epay application enables merchants to utilise their Verifone Eftpos Device to sell various electronically distributed pre-pay products (calling cards, music downloads and more) Learn More


Activata’s application provides Retailers with the ability to offer a full range of electronically activated services including prepaid mobile SIM cards, utility, phone card and snapper top ups plus more - all on the one Verifone terminal– saving precious counter space and related operating costs. Learn More