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POS Link Overview

The Ideal Interface for ENZ Connected Verifone Devices

POSLink – the best interfaced solution available for Verifone terminals connected to the ENZ network. Supporting three different protocols for communicating with POS applications, POSLink delivers merchants greater flexibility to take payment and improves overall transaction speed and accuracy for their business.

Fast And Efficient

Saves time and increases accuracy as there is no need to enter the same information into two separate systems. POS Link also allows multiple terminals to connect to one or more POS or vice versa and allows multiple interface options.

One-way interface

This interface option provides simple one way messaging that enables the transaction amount to be sent to a Verifone terminal. It is well suited for bars and restaurants who want speed of service and the POS available as quickly as possible for the next sale. Also supports serial, IP or Wi-Fi connectivity between the EFTPOS terminal and the POS PC.

Two-way interface

POSLInk as a two way interface allows for communication between the terminal and POS with the transaction result reported to the POS for consumer and operator convenience. IP or Wi-Fi connectivity between the EFTPOS terminal and POS PC are also supported.

IP interface

Combined with a Verifone Wi-Fi terminal, the POSLink IP interface option offers a versatile and flexible interfaced payment solution that allows merchant to take payment directly to the customer. Also, a single receipt can be printed by the POS reducing consumable costs.


Designed with the hospitality industry in mind, transactions such as pre-authorisations and credit card tipping, can be initiated from the POS rather than from the terminal and if the POS goes down the EFTPOS terminal can still operate as a standalone unit.