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Interfaced Solutions

We Have a Solution for Every Merchant

Interfaced Solutions

Regardless of the network used to process EFTPOS transaction, Verifone has an interfaced solution available.  For merchants wanting a Paymark certified solution,  V-Link offers a range of POS connectivity options.   For the ENZ  network we have POSLink.  Designed with the hospitality industry in mind, pre- Authorisation and credit card tipping can be initiated from the POS.

V-Link Overview

V-Link is certified to operate on the Paymark network. Allowing a POS application or ECR to request a payment terminal to perform a simple payment transaction, V-Link supports various message protocols – including optional POS receipt printing of EFTPOS receipts, V-Link’s versatility offers merchants the flexibility to choose from a range of Verifone hardware options and supports various POS to terminal connectivity methods. Learn More

POSLink Overview

POSLink is certified to operate on the ENZ network. Giving merchants greater flexibility to take payment and improving overall transaction speed and accuracy for businesses, POSLink supports both serial and IP connection options to the POS with the added bonus of Wi-Fi for the convenience of taking payment to the customer. Learn More