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Vault Overview

Terminal Solutions for POS integration

The Vault EFTPOS payment application can be deployed on a variety of Verifone terminals or with a Verifone VX 820 PIN pad only device. Vault provides merchants with the freedom to implement a cost-effective payment solution that provides multiple hardware choices and protects existing Verifone EFTPOS hardware investments.

Vault Architecture

Through its unique payment architecture, Vault delivers integrated payment in a manner that is easy to deploy, easy to operate, easy to upgrade. Best of all, Vault has the scalability to meet the needs of any retailer, big or small. Delivering all the benefits of a POS integrated payment system, Vault eliminates the complexity associated with managing traditional PC based software payment applications.

Vault allows a POS application to initiate and send a financial transaction to the Verifone terminal. EFTPOS prompts are displayed to the checkout operator on the POS screen, allowing the EFTPOS hardware to be a dedicated card holder device positioned in a manner that is permanently customer facing. EFTPOS receipts are printed using the POS printer with option to recall EFTPOS receipts  if required for administration purposes. If supported by the POS, an electronic journal can be created within the POS database that stores all EFTPOS receipts with the POS transaction.


Network Connectivity Options

Vault provides multiple communication options to the Paymark switch which is inherent in all Verifone hardware. Primary communication can be via IP or dial with the option of configuring the terminal for a secondary redundancy connection. In sites where there are a large number of terminals per store, installing a VEAC device onto the POS network allows a large number of EFTPOS terminals to cost effectively be connected to one dial line should the Primary IP connection fail.