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PC EFTPOS Overview

Flexible and Efficient Payment Solution

PC EFTPOS is an integrated payment solution suitable for businesses of any size looking to reduce the complexity of their EFTPOS payments.

Scalable to support multiple point of sale lanes in one or more locations using a single communications medium, PC EFTPOS works with a wide range of existing software and hardware configurations and is certified with a number of point of sale (POS) systems.

Scalable and Proven Performance

PC EFTPOS is a well known and trusted integrated payment solution deployed to thousands of New Zealand merchants. It is also a scalable payment solution capable of managing multiple lanes in geographically dispersed locations.

Fast and Efficient

With an incredibly fast transaction time and the ability to use existing Internet or corporate network connectivity, PC EFTPOS is perfect for merchants wanting to reduce connectivity costs and for environments where quick service is paramount.

Compatible with the latest PIN pads

The VX 820 PIN pad provides all the features a Merchant could want in a PIN pad, with a stylish design that consumers are drawn to and familiar with. A brilliant, vibrant 3.5” colour display ensures readability and usability.