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POS Connected Payment Solutions

Verifone provides a number of Point of Sale (POS) to terminal interface and integrated options for terminals connected to either Paymark or ENZ switches.

The Verifone terminal solutions for POS integration help merchants simplify and streamline critical aspects of their payment operations by providing faster and more accurate EFTPOS transactions. Enhanced productivity is achieved by simplifying end of day EFTPOS and POS sales reconciliation processes and due to Verifone’s unique software architecture, many industry PCI- security standards and certification requirements are taken care of.


Verifone interfaced and integrated solutions can operate on a variety of Verifone hardware platforms that support IP, Wi-Fi or Dial connectivity. The benefit of the Verifone payment architecture is in allowing merchants to start with a stand-alone terminal and remotely load a software interface applets to affect an interfaced or integrated solution there by preserving a merchants investment in existing Verifone hardware.

Depending on the payment features required by the merchant and the functionality supported by the POS or ECR application, merchants can easily process a variety of payment types: credit, debit, loyalty, stored value, gift, cheques and more. With so many options, Verifone can help you run your businesses faster and more efficiently than ever before, while offering card holders a safe and convenient payment experience.


Interfaced Solutions

With a range of interfaced protocols tailored to suit any New Zealand business, merchants can select from 1 way or 2 way messaging with the option of EFTPOS receipt printing via the POS printer. Learn More

Integrated Solutions

Designed to address the variable EFTPOS needs of NZ’s largest EFTPOS users, Verifone provide a range of integrated solutions to choose from. Ranging in software architecture from terminal based solutions to fully PC based software integration, Verifone has a solution to meets the needs of any merchant. Learn More