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A World Leading Terminal Management System for Verifone Terminals

Verifone New Zealand hosts a local VeriCentre system for the support of any Verifone terminal installed in New Zealand.

VeriCentre can host the most up to date software versions and parameter settings for each individual terminal installed.  Terminals can then dial in (via phone line or IP) to access their records and keep up to date.  This can be a scheduled process or executed manually via the utilities menu on the terminal.


Download Management

VeriCentre’s advanced download management engine securely and simultaneously downloads parameters, system updates and applications at the most economical and least disruptive times.

Remote Diagnostics

Tools for remote diagnostics help identify and resolve issues or potential problems without requiring that devices be returned for repair.

Business Intelligence

VeriCentre offers substantial benefits by providing advanced, yet simplistic information collection tools to measure usage statistics and performance levels. And with its robust reporting capabilities, that data can be easily used to make more informed business decisions.